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DSM Pentapharm


Aprotinin Conc. Solution

Catalogue Number: 073-70
Size: 50 mL

A serine protease inhibitor.

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Aprotinin Powder

Catalogue Number: 800277
Size: 1 gm

A serine protease inhibitor.

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r-Hirudin EC

Catalogue Number: 126-10
Size: 2,000 ATU

Specific recombinant peptide Thrombin inhibitor

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Pefabloc TH (a-NAPAP)

Catalogue Number: 381-01
Size: 5 mg

A synthetic specific Thrombin inhibitor.

The benzamidine moiety is a key structure for the development of inhibitors of trypsin-like enzymes. It mimics the protonated side-chain of the basic amino acids Arg and Lys which is hydrolysed by these enzymes. Pefabloc TH (a-NAPAP) is one of the most potent and selective competitive inhibitors of thrombin.

Pefabloc TH can be used in diagnostic systems, analytical applications, research and industrial purification processes to exclude undesired thrombin activity. It can also be used as a potent anticoagulant in in vitro test systems.

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Pefabloc SC

Catalogue Number: 399-01
Size: 1 gm

Serine protease inhibitor.

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Pefabloc FG

Catalogue Number: 099-11
Size: 50 mg

Inhibits Fibrin polymerization.

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