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Emicizumab Calibrator

Catalogue Number: 151-201-CE
Size: 5 x 1 mL

Plasma Calibrator (100 ug/mL Emicizumab)

Emicizumab Calibrator is a calibrator intended for use in the calibration of a modified one-stage FVIII activity assay for the determination of active emicizumab concentration from a clot time measurement performed on an automated coagulation analyzer.

Emicizumab Calibrator may be used together with a modified one-stage FVIII assay to generate a calibration curve for emicizumab determination using citrated plasma from patients with haemophilia A being treated with the drug.

Principle of the Test

The principle of the one-stage FVIII assay for emicizumab measurement relies upon measuring the degree of correction of the APTT when a patient plasma is added to FVIII deficient plasma. The degree of correction is related to the amount of emicizumab in the patient's sample. Quatification of the degree of correction is enabled by using a calibration curve constructed using the Emicizumab Calibrator

Reporting Units

100 ug/mL

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