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Fibrinogen Reagents

Fibrotek Fibrinogen Kit

Catalogue Number: 70-410
Size: 100-200 Determinations (200 tests/kit)

Fibrinogen Kit (100 NIH units, Thrombin, human; Clauss method). 

The Fibrotek Fibrinogen Kit is intended for use in the quantitative determination of fibrinogen in citrated human plasma. FibroTek Fibrinogen kit is a complete kit for the Clauss determination of fibrinogen, useful in the diagnosis of DIC, liver failure, qualitative abnormalities of fibrinogen, or quantitative deficiency of fibrinogen.

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Catalogue Number: 50-201
Size: 10 x 1 mL (100 tests/kit)

Thrombin Time reagent (7.5 NIH units, human).

The T-Tek thrombin time reagent is intended for use in the quantitative determination of Thrombin Time (TT) in citrated human plasma in the general patient population. T-Tek should be used in the clinical laboratory by qualified laboratory professionals. The test may be performed using manual methods or semi-automated or automated coagulation analyzers.

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