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Leading manufacturer of coagulation proteins and antibodies

Our History

For over 25 years Enzyme Research Laboratories has been manufacturing and distributing a variety of enzymes and cofactors used in blood coagulation research.

By constantly striving for products of utmost quality, ERL has earned the trust of coagulation research communities worldwide. ERL is dedicated to serving the research and diagnostic communities by offering a complementary line of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Our Product Line Includes

  • Purified zymogens and activated enzymes from human and bovine plasmas
  • Active-site blocked enzymes
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to clotting factors
  • ELISA reagents for detection of clotting factors


Continually striving to improve and expand an extensive quality product range ERL has signed sole distribution agreements in the UK / Ireland with:
Partner logo R2 Diagnostics Partner logo DSM Partner logo Pentapharm

Quality Policy

The corporate quality policy defines ERL’s commitment to quality. The policy is as follows:

“ERL recognizes that leadership in quality is essential to global leadership in the industry of coagulation and hemostasis. Therefore, ERL supports its company-wide commitment to quality with an intensive program of continued quality enhancements directed towards realization of its goal of being a world class quality organization.”

Latest News

Sole Distributor UK / Ireland

ERL has recently been appointed as sole distributor in the UK / Ireland for DSM Pentapharm.

DSM Pentapharm has a long-standing tradition as an innovative and reliable supplier of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.

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