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  • 24th Congress of the ISFP (16/08/2018)

    ERL are pleased to announce their participation in the 24th Congress of the ISFP (International Society of Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis) and the 17th International Workshop on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, September 3-7 2018.


  • Chromogenic Substrates (24/11/2016)

    ERL is proud to announce the launch of a NEW range of chromogenic substrates. PLASMINCHROME for Plasmin, THROMBINCHROM for Thrombin and RGR-XaCHROM and CHA-XaCHROM for Factor Xa. The chromogenic substrates are available freeze dried in 5.0 mg vials.

  • ISTH - SSC Montpellier (25/04/2016)

    25-28 May Come visit us at the SSC 2016 meeting in Montpellier, France (BOOTH #5).

  • Human and Rabbit Antithrombin (14/03/2016)

    ERL's purified plasma derived human and rabbit antithrombin feature in a recent publication.…/10.1111/jth.13198/abstract

  • Human Alpha Thrombin (14/03/2016)

    ERL's purified plasma derived human alpha thrombin features in a recent publication.…/10.1111/jth.13222/abstract

  • Human Factor XIa (08/01/2016)

    ERL's HFXIa features in recent publication

  • FREE Coagulation Cascade Mouse Mat (19/03/2015)

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  • Human Factor XIa (05/03/2014)

    ERL's HFXIa features in recent publication.

  • RAT TAIL COLLAGEN (04/02/2014)

    Enzyme Research Laboratories UK is proud to announce the launch of it's new cell culture product, RAT TAIL COLLAGEN - Type I (STERILE). For information and pricing please contact;

  • Human alpha Thrombin (01/05/2013)

    ERL's Human alpha Thrombin features in recent publication

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