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  • Sole Distributor UK / Ireland (14/12/2018)

    ERL has recently been appointed as sole distributor in the UK / Ireland for DSM Pentapharm.

    DSM Pentapharm has a long-standing tradition as an innovative and reliable supplier of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.

  • Human Alpha Thrombin (14/03/2016)

    ERL's purified plasma derived human alpha thrombin features in a recent publication.…/10.1111/jth.13222/abstract

  • Human Factor XIa (08/01/2016)

    ERL's HFXIa features in recent publication

  • FREE Coagulation Cascade Mouse Mat (19/03/2015)

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  • Human Factor XIa (05/03/2014)

    ERL's HFXIa features in recent publication.

  • RAT TAIL COLLAGEN (04/02/2014)

    Enzyme Research Laboratories UK is proud to announce the launch of it's new cell culture product, RAT TAIL COLLAGEN - Type I (STERILE). For information and pricing please contact;

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