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Pefakit APC-R Factor V Leiden 3 x 40 tests

Catalogue Number: 502-01
Size: 1 Kit

Pefakit APC-R Factor V Leiden is a plasma based functional assay for the determination of resistance of Factor Va to inactivation by Activated Protein C (APC) caused by the Factor V Leiden mutation. CE / FDA 510 (k)

  • 100% Sensitive to FV Mutations
  • Complete discrimination
  • Highly Specific
  • Clinically relevant results at reduced cost
  • Normal and heterozygous controls available
  • Validated protocols and target ranges provided for all major instruments


Principle of Assay

Pefakit APC-R Factor V Leiden utilizes two different snake venom proteases which do not require calcium: RVV-Va (from venom of Daboia russeli) activates FV to FVa, the version that is readily inactivated by APC of the reagent. Noscarin (from venom of Notechis scutatus) activates FX to FXa but only in the presence of FVa from the sample. The presence of an APC resistant version of FV in the sample leads to shorter clotting times while normal FV provides longer clotting times.

Kit Contents

3 x 2 mL APC/RVV-V (+APC) Reagent

3 x 2 mL RVV-V (-APC) Reagent

3 x 4 mL PTA Reagent

3 x 2 mL Dilution Plasma

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