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Pefakit Reptilase Time

Catalogue Number: 800191
Size: 1 Kit

For the investigation of the last phase of blood coagulation. Due to its heparin insensitivity, the Reptilase Time can detect fibrinogen polymerization disorders even in the presence of heparin. CE / US and CA for research use only

  • Detection of dysfibrinogenemia (congenital and acquired forms)
  • Detection of elevated levels of FDPs (eg. in sepsis, DIC, thromboembolic diseases, cancer, liver disease)
  • Detection of fibrinogen deficiency stages but also elevated levels

Principle of Assay

Pefakit Reptilase Time is based on the addition of the specific enzyme Batroxobin (from venom of Bothrops athrox) to plasma resulting in clot formation by release of fibrinopeptide A from Fibrinogen. Unlike Thrombin time Reptilase time is not affected by heparin, heparin-like anticoagulants or direct thrombin inhibitors eg. dabigatran or argatroban.

Kit Contents

3 x 1 mL Reptilase Time Reagent

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