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Human Alpha Thrombin (Factor IIa)

Catalogue Number: HT 1002a
Size: 1000 NIH U

Prepared from Human Prothrombin by activation with Human Factor Xa, Human Factor Va and phospholipid. Human Alpha Thrombin purity is determined by SDS-PAGE. Human Alpha Thrombin has a minimum activity of 2,700 NIH units/mg when compared to NIH standard Human Alpha Thrombin (WHO 2nd International Standard for Thrombin 01/580).


Human Alpha Thrombin

Buffer Composition = 50 mM Sodium Citrate / 0.2 M NaCl / 0.1% PEG-8000 / pH 6.5

Extinction Coefficient (1%) = 18.3

Molecular Weight = 37,000 daltons

Supplied LYOPHILIZED. Shipped at ambient temperature.



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