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Human Gamma Thrombin

Catalogue Number: HGT
Size: 1.0 mg

A non-clotting derivative of Thrombin produced from human alpha Thrombin by controlled digest with Trypsin-Sepharose. Gamma Thrombin is a non-coagulant form of Thrombin that retains much of its platelet activating capacity. Gamma Thrombin purity is determined by SDS-PAGE.

Buffer Composition = 10 mM Sodium Acetate / 0.75 M NaCl / pH 6.0

Molecular Weight = 12,000 daltons

Concentration determined by BCA.


Supplied LYOPHILIZED. Shipped at ambient temperature.



1. Rydel TJ, Yin M, Padmanabhan KP, Blankenship DT, Cardin AD, Correa PE, Fenton JW 2nd, Tulinsky A: Crystallographic structure of human gamma-thrombin. J Biol Chem 1994 269(35):22000-22006



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