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Catalogue Number: 000-01
Size: 100 mg

An inert stabiliser for enzymes and proteins

  • A stabiliser for the activity of enzymes and proteins.
  • Minimum loss of proteins /  enzymes due to adsorption on glass / plastic surfaces.
  • Retains the activity of enzymes at low concentrations over longer periods even at room temperature.
  • Can be used safely without the risk of viral infections associated with bovine products.
  • Little or no interference during analysis by SDS-PAGE and other techniques (when used at 1 mg/mL or less).
  • Can also be sued to block reactive sites on microtitre plates or other plastic / glass surfaces.

Packaging: 5 mL in plastic tamper-proof vial

Formulation: 20 mg/mL in distilled water with 0.05% sodium azide

Total Protein: 100 mg


Supplied in LIQUID form. Shipped at ambient temperature.

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